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Video content in a marketing site which is incredibly trendy in technological firms to give introduction their solutions. While one might not have the time to browse a product or company book, almost everyone has the time to watch the fun, sharing two or three videos about a particular item to use benefit them.


While your technology is likely to be complex, powerful and impressive, you should focus on telling a compelling story when using video content to market your solution. Read the viewer about how you helped a specific customer get from “A to Z”, how your business started or how a team developed a specific function. First connect people with a good, easy-to-understand story, and study them later with specific sales calls.


You don’t have to be in back to back business space to make your vision and professionalism. In fact, the exact opposite is true. Creating fun, fun and entertaining videos will help you stand out from the crowd. Take the New Relic, for example. Their most popular video on New Relic YouTube channel is not a webinar or tutorial, it’s a fun video about coding by one of their employees.


Your video content strategy should also provide a place for useful and educational content. This may include textbooks on how to use your solution, product demonstrations, industry-specific webinars, and best practices or instructional videos.Webinars are especially helpful because by asking people to share their contact information for registration, you can create your own database of contacts in the future and participate in marketing or sales with those contacts.


The more powerful from a technology marketing standpoint than a target buyer saying to himself, “The solution will help us because it works for other companies like us?” This is the heart of the customer evaluation video.If your solution serves several lines, you will need to collect the evidence for each individual component.


The animated video takes a product, service or solution offered by the animated videos and is a fun and digestible format in the future. Take this animated explanation we created for Binary Defense. Instead of spending time figuring out what a file is, the problem it solves and how it works. Viewers get to know what their visual product is in less than two minutes.And even better, because the video is so light, they are more likely to finish the video and retain more valuable information that they want customers to remember. And what’s more, since the video is very engaging, they are more likely to break the video and store more important information that customers want to remember.

As a general guide, you should focus on video recording for 2 to 15 minutes. Testimonials and product reviews are usually reduced by about 2 minutes, and demonstrations and exercises will be longer. The importance of video and animation is that they provide a huge amount of entertainment, bite-sized opportunities that they can consume to get to know your company, technology, and customers. Once they begin to understand (and believe) all three, they are ready to participate in the trade cycle.


These short 1-2 minute clips contain all the information you would normally present in a traditional info-graphic, but in a “slide by slide” format set to music. Animations are added to help keep the statistics alive. This live info-graphic about Insivia video marketing statistics has a lot of information and visual elements with a simple info-graphic. But he manages to capture the audience in a fun and exciting way. Biographic data is great not only for displaying numbers, but also for telling stories with them

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