BTL Marketing services and marketing activities are smaller in nature and are not very expensive. therefore BTL activities include activities such as Distributing coupons, roadshows, and contests and many such traditional marketing mediums. Even after being cost-effective BTL activities are guarantee to leave a mark on your clients or customers mind and that is possible only because of the personal and physical feel of BTL activities.

BTL Marketing Services

  • Mall activities
  • Mall Screen Display
  • Retail Marketing
  • Free Trails



Activities sound like the most cliché and general BTL activities that can be carry out by a brand, however, mall activities ensure customer engagement. If all activities are carried out with finesse then it is a whole lot easier for brands to leave a mark on the mind of their customers. There are various types of activities you can conduct, some are state as follows.


Live games and contests are one of the most engaging mediums to connect with your audience. Gather as many people as possible to compete in certain competitions to win goodies and watch the magic happen.


Advertising on screens outside malls can also provide great value to some brands or products. The cost to advertise on these screens is much cheaper when compare to traditional billboards and hoardings. The main factor is that it enables you to advertise to customer’s right before they enter the mall to purchase.


Have you ever been approache by a salesman of a particular product in a supermarket? If your answer is yes, then you have experienced retail marketing at its finest. If your product is new and not many individuals know about it, having a salesman really enables you to reach audiences and helps you explain your product to thousands of potential customers.


The best part about anything which is free is the mere fact that it is FREE! Free trials help you gather hoards of crowds in a public place. Many companies even sell the same product which is being given for a trial in order to make up for the costs. If they are successful in their endeavors at the end of the day they will be going home with many new customers and extend personal reach.

Our Motive

The Social House  create tailored strategies and content to reach the audience. We take care that by BTL activities your company gets:

  • Great consumer relationships
  • Better Return of Investments
  • Easy insights to view every step of the activity
  • The best of service in budget
  • Viral marketing
btl marketing services